Atlantic SeaSafari

We will venture out between the islets and reefes of Hustadvika. Here we will experience a vaste animal life and might get close encounters with white tipped eagles, otters, seal and many others. During the trip, we will stop along some of the marvelous sights situated around our renowned Hustadvika. Here we will tell inspiring tales of bravery and tragedy, how norwegians fought against mother nature and how we have come to claim our place along this rugged coast.

Expedition Grip

We cross the northernmost part of Hustadvika, which is considered on of the most treacherous waters in Norway, before we arrive at the 130 year old lighthouse Grip. Along the way, we will also pass the venerable Hestskjær Lighthouse. Our crew will tell stories related to the many events that have characterized Hustadvika through the years. Here, heroisms and tragedies have gone hand in hand hundreds of years.   At Grip we have local guides who will take us on a journey through time to give us another glimpse into how people lived in the ocean in Norway's smallest municipality. Grip has both a small museum and a stave church built in the 1400s.

Salmon Travel

Together with Nekton Havbruk and Gurisentret, we arrange salmon travel. Here we take you into the history of aquaculture industry at Smøla, the salmon biology, technology, research and future. Nekton Havbruk gives you a good picture of an important industry along the Norwegian coast.   The trip goes to Edøya and Gurisentret where the viewing center is located, then we take the trip to Hestøya and the display facility. Here you will get closer to a full-scale fish farm, where you will see what is going on in practice. Outside the resort you get guided tours with knowledgeable hosts. In addition, one can participate in feeding the salmon and see feeding coordinators in work. It is close to 780 tonnes of salmon spread over four cages.   After this we set the course to one of our serving partners to serve grilled salmon. Here you prepare the accessories, our chef will be present and come with tips for cooking.

Visiting fishing villages

This tour is a time travel. We venture out from Kristiansund, to fishing villages Grip, Hallarøya and Ringholmen. At Ringholmen our hostes Kristine will greet us welcome, then guide us in to the realms of "Fosna kulturen" and sit us down by the fireplace and serve us food supplied from local hunters, farmers and fishermens.

For larger groups etc. we also offer tailor-made tours and trips. Contact us for more information, and all trips you see listed above are good starting points for your tailor-made experience.


As part of our team, we have a well established chef. We are able to create long lasting memories with local supplied delicacies served among the amazing scenaries here around Kristiansund!