Safety is a way of life!

As a adventure and activities supplier we always aim to deliver high quality experiences to our customers, and we recognize that safty is a integral part that service. There for we strive to create a strong culture for safety in all aspects of our services and we shall be relentless in this pursuit.


We are continuously take steps to eliminate and reduce risks, and therefor it is important that all our customers read the "Safety is not Just a Choice!-pdf attached on this page. All activites have there own safety instructions, and also a safety introduction will be given before each activity.


We want to make sure that our customers are aware that there are risks associated with some of our activeties, so therefor we expect everyone to download and read the "Safety is not Just a Choice!-pdf. This is to raise awarness to everyone participating in activities and also make them contribute with questions!


Safety Information (1.47 MiB)